In the spirit of bibliography sharing practiced in the referenced publications, what follows is a resource guide for research related to the back-to-the-land movement, counterculture, and alternative press. The links are mostly to WorldCat pages in hopes of facilitating the finding of materials wherever you are. As always, this list is incomplete and growing. Any suggestions, please get in touch.



Underground Press Archive & Alternative Press Archive For the Underground Press Syndicate & the Alternative Press Syndicate


Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, WI


Stanford University Libraries, Stewart Brand Papers


Eldridge Cleaver Papers, 1963-1988, UC Berkeley Bancroft Library: The Social Protest Collection


The Alternative Press Center Library, Baltimore


Durland Alternatives Library at Cornell University


Center for Communal Studies at The University of Southern Indiana


University of Connecticut Alternative Press Collection


Mendocino Historical Society Library, Ukiah, CA


Prelinger Library, San Francisco, CA


Independent Voices: An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press


Environmental Communications, Online Archive


St. Lawrence University Back to the Land Research Collection



(many more can be found from the archives above)




Communities magazine: Worldcat or Fellowship for Intentional Communities






Alternatives Journal




Modern Utopian (magazine)


Country Women (magazine)


The Mother Earth News: Worldcat or their website


RFD Magazine: Worldcat or their website


Alternative America by Richard Gardner


Vocations for Social Change


The School of Living


The Foundation Journal


The Catholic Worker Newsletter


Whole Earth Catalog: Worldcat or website




The North Country Star (northern California)


The Mendocino Grapevine (Mendocino County, California)


Your Times X-Press (Ozarks)- unable to find catalog entry


The People’s Yellow Pages (Bay Area)




(full catalog info can be found in link)




The Modern Utopian: Alternative Communities of the 60’s and 70’s, by Richard Fairfield, 2010.


Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia, Andrew Bauvault


West of Eden: Communes and Utopia in Northern California, ed. Iain Boal, Janferie Stone, Michael Watts, and Cal Winslow, 2010


Arcadia by Lauren Groff, 2016


New Pioneers by Jeffrey Jacob, 2006


Back from the land: how young Americans went to nature in the 1970s, and why they came back by Eleanor Agnew, 2005


The New Settlers Interviews by Beth Bosk, 2000


Back to the land: the enduring dream of self-sufficiency in modern America by Dona Brown, 2011


The Whole Earth: California and the Disapperance of the Outside, by Diedrich Diederichsen; Anselm Franke; 2013


Imagine Nation: the American Counterculture of the 1960’s and 70’s, ed. Peter Braunstein and Michael William Doyle, 2013


We Are As Gods: Back to the Land in the 1970s on the Quest for a New America, Kate Daloz, 2016


Whole Earth Field Guide, ed. Caroline Mainiaque-Benton, 2016


The 60s Communes: Hippies and Beyond, by Timothy Miller, 2002


A Trumpet to Arms: Alternative Media in America, David Armstrong, 1981


The Encyclopedic Guide to American Intentional Communities, by Timothy Miller, 2015


Get Back, Stay Back: 2nd Generation back-to-the-landers in Maine by Joseph F Conway, 2014


Film: Women on the Land: Creating Conscious Community, Mendocino Coast Films




Communes USA: A personal tour, by Richard Fairfield, 1972


Utopia USA, Richard Fairfield, 1972


The Modern Utopian: Modern Man in Search of Utopia, by Richard Fairfield, 1971


Dwelling: On Making Your Own, by River, 1974


Country Women: A Handbook for the New Farmer, by Jeanne Tetrault and Sherry Thomas, 1976


Walden Two, B.F. Skinner, 1948


This Ugly Civilization by Ralph Borsodi 1975


The Children of Prosperity, Hugh Gardner, 1978


Alternative Americas, Mildred Loomis, 1982


Celery Wine: story of a country commune, Elaine Sundancer, 1973


The New Communes: Coming Together in America, Ron E. Roberts, 1971


What the Trees Said: Life on a New Age Farm, Stephen Diamond, 1971


The Children of the Counterculture, John Rothchild and Susan Berns Wolf, 1976


Cooperative Communities: How to Start Them and Why, by Swami Kriyanda, 1972


Shelter, by Lloyd Kahn 1973 (with newer editions)


Energy Book #1, by John Prenis, 1975


The Domebuilder's Handbook, John Prenis, 1973


The New Woman’s Survival Catalog, 1973


Living the Good Life, by Scott and Helen Nearing, 1973


No Bosses Here: A Manual On Working Collectively and Cooperatively, Vocations for Social Change, 1981


The Owner Built Home by Ken Kern, editions 1972-2016


The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, 1978




The Good Life Center, Harborside, ME


Foxfire, Mountain City, GA


Appalshop, Whitesburg, KY


Salmon Creek Farm, Albion, CA


Ecology Center, Berkeley, CA


Vermont Historical Society, Barre, VT


Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, VA


The Farm Community, Summertown, TN


The Land Institute, Salina, KS


The Aldo Leopold Foundation, Baraboo, WI


Real Goods, Hopland, CA


Oz Farm, Point Arena, CA







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